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Communicate effectively and share often

Our powerful communication tools allow you to broadcast messages, information, promotions, and alerts to whomever and whenever!

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Direct Messaging

Keep in touch with your customers and employees through in-app messaging that feels just like texting.

Secure and encrypted messaged to protect your data

$10/mo + $25 Setup

Employee Notifications

Send out important news, alerts, and information directly to all of your employees!

Add mandatory acknowledgements to guarantee that your employees have read an alert.

$5/mo + $25 Setup

Shared Posts

Send out a notification with a message or a photo to all or some of your customers. 

Create canned notifications and messages to send to users. Stay at the top of everyone’s mind with push notification alerts.

$15/mo + $25 Setup

GPS Proximity Nudge

Capitalize on the GPS features of a mobile device and keep your business in customer’s minds.

Send out unique messages to customers if they are close by!

$5/mo + $25 Setup

Event Reminders

Automatic event reminders to keep everyone in-the-loop with what is going on at your business. 

You work hard to run and plan business events, make sure to maximize the turnout!

Free with Event Feature

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