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A pocket sized command center

Use simple, but powerful tools to keep your staff effective and on the same page. Store valuable knowledge and resources digitally for easy access.

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Create and maintain simple training programs for new and exiting employees. 

Whether it’s a text based learning repository, or a series of videos - provide instant and easy access for your staff.

Free with all Packages!

Standard Operations

It is important that your employees know your company’s procedures. 

Have text and image based procedures easily accessible for your team to thrive!

$5/mo + $25 Setup

Company Documents

A secure hub to keep mobile-friendly documents that your staff may need when out on the job.

Share and upload documents in seconds with a user friendly interface.

$15/mo + $25 Setup

Service Tickets

Simple ticket viewing and management for your team. View open, completed, and closed service requests right from your phone!

Focus on your trade and serve your customers in a timely manner.

$10/mo + Free Setup

Internal Contacts

Give your staff access to the people that are important to your business. Save a contact to your phone with the click of a button.

Easy exporting and importing of CSV files from our web application

$5/mo + $25 Setup

Task Management

Allow managers to create jobs and tasks for employees to complete and keep track of.

Assign tasks to some or all of your employees so nobody forgets important jobs.

$5/mo + Free Setup

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