A clear path for a successful delivery

Follow our simple process so that we can ensure that we can build your app on time and on budget

Customer Discovery

A local small business representative will work directly with your team to ensure that you take advantage of the right features to reach your maximum potential. 

During this phase, we form a unique feature package for your company based on your brand, business, and budget. If custom feature development is required, an application specialist will join the conversation to ensure a smooth delivery of any software tailored for your business.

Development and Delivery

Our team of talented developers will take your list of desired features and begin packaging them into a beautiful app for your business. After thorough testing from our internal QA team, we will hand the app over to you!

Once the app has been delivered, we make sure that your internal app administrator has the appropriate training to use every feature the way that it was intended.  

Support and New Features

If you have any questions or notice anything wrong with your app, your monthly subscription includes maintenance and support! Just reach out to your business representative for help and we’ll make sure to resolve your issues.

At any point, you are welcome to search through our feature catalog and have them added onto your existing application. We will be sure to send out updates when we release new features for you to take advantage of!

Ready to start building?