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Purpose Driven Software

Apps to help businesses develop in the digital world

What Do We Do?

We craft purpose driven software that enables companies and individuals to reach higher potential.

Our development teams guide businesses in automating, streamlining and taking control of their data. 

Equipped with the right development team, our clients are more efficient and can better utilize their time, money and effort. They can continue focusing on doing what they love.

Software development team
Software Development
Cost & Value $ $

Let’s Talk Budget

Cost & Value

Our software development projects are diverse, ranging from simple web apps to multi-platform systems. Our products have the ability to create immense value for our clients, and our development and support pricing is predictable and easy to manage.


We understand that custom software can be a big investment in time and resources. This is why we are focused on making your ROI a priority. We aim to fully understand your needs so we can create a quote without compromising software quality or your budget. Our projects may run from a few months to a year or more, with a budget of $5k to over $100k.

Finding the Best Skills for the Job

Authoritek’s vast range of relevant and useful skills help us to craft leading technologies into cohesive, multi-platform products. From strategic planning to final delivery, we are here to service and guide your company as it evolves.

Authoritek provides you with your personal software development team that grows with your business needs.

Need more developers?

We’d love to help you figure out how we can best power your business to succeed. Call us today!


Your own On-Demand Software Team 

and Designers

Software Developers 

Building something from the ground up?

Let us help you form a strategic team so that you can build software the right way. Our priority is building a product that meets your requirements, timeline, and budget.


Don’t waste time and resources onboarding new employees. Our developers are flexible and can jump right into your existing product or team. We provide support in:

  • Web App Technologies: .NET, React, Angular, NodeJs, PHP and More

  • Mobile App Technologies: Switt, Java, Kotlin, React-Native and More

  • Cloud Services: Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Azure and More

  • Your business is unique, and so is your software. You need a team that will do more than build you an app - you need a team of developers that will grow WITH your project and idea.

  • We handle all the things you don’t want to, or that become challenging for your business.

Web Development

All the resources for building a successful product are under one roof.

Regardless of the size of your  project, your designated software team has complete access to our internal resources and support for a smoother launch.

The Authoritek Process

Strategic Blueprint


We always start with a strategic blueprint to help you zero in on the features that matter and allows us to forecast a reliable cost.

Development Process

Trust the Process

We hold true to the agile process with our own added flavor. By sticking to our process, we can effectively deliver meaningful software.


Pay As You Go

Bi-weekly, Sprint by Sprint payments that feel like a subscription. Pricing is predictable so you can focus on your business.