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Maintenance Plans 



  • Weekly Database Backups

  • Server Management and Updates

  • Usage of our Google and Apple Dev Accounts

  • Direct communication with our maintenance team

  • *Priority Maintenance

  • Uptime Monitoring

  • SSL Renewals

  • Error Logging

  • Billed Quarterly 



  • Monthly Analytics and Usage Reports

  • New web and mobile standards notifications

  • 2 hours of Priority Maintenance

  • Load Testing

  • Security Scanning

  • Billed Quarterly

Everything in Volt Package +



  • Isolated Testing Environment

  • 4 hours of Priority Maintenance

  • Priority Call Back

  • Personal Phone Line

  • Cancel anytime

  • Month to Month

Everything in Fusion Package +

Protect your investment

Your evolving technology needs a team behind it to make everything run smoothly. Software can be quite an investment, and we want to assist in maximizing every last feature. All of our maintenance plans include some form of monitoring to ensure that your application is firing on all cylinders.

Our #1 priority

Don’t settle for a team that puts your requests at the bottom of the pile. Even when you’re not in the development phase, we take your requests seriously and promptly. By signing up for one of our long term support packages, your requests get assigned priority and you can expect to hear back from our maintenance team within 24 hours.

*Priority Maintenance: We will respond to your requests within 24hrs and begin troubleshooting and developing. A complete fix is not guaranteed in this time period, but we will be in clear communication within 24hrs of your initial request.


Any other maintenance or rapid feature development outside of your maintenance plan will be billed at our rate and does not guarantee our 24hr response priority.


*Additional Data Costs: many large scale applications with hundreds of thousands of users are going to rack up thousands of dollars a month of server and data costs. We can manage the server, but we can’t predict the usage and data costs.

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