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Church and Ministry

Technology Consulting

A team dedicated to guiding churches and Christian based, Kingdom-building organizations in the landscape of modern technology.

A Christian company with a vision to serve

We have been blessed with the gift of natural ability to understand and use technology, and we want to use these gifts and talents to further the Kingdom of God! We are committed to providing a number of valuable technological and creative services to churches and Christian based organizations at a significantly discounted rate. See how we can team up to better serve your people through technology!

How can we partner with you?

As your organization seeks to bring on new technologies, we can help with decision making, set up, training, and maintenance 

New Tech Adoption

We love to use our creative and system driven minds to create purpose driven software that has the power to advance God's kingdom.

Web & App Development

Technology is deeply involved in your day-to-day, and we are here to troubleshoot and lend our expertise to your unique needs

IT Consulting & Support

From creative direction to the design of animations, slideshows, and graphical elements - we are here to help create and cast vision for beautiful and meaningful design

Creative Services

We are committing to a $50/hour rate for all services.

Want to know what we can do? Check out some amazing organizations we are already supporting!

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Want to learn more?

Getting started with our ministry discount is super simple!

Email your unique needs or call our owner at 616-217-1669!

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