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iOS and Android Apps Done Right

Mobile Application Development Services from an experienced team 

Mobile App Development

Want to be relevant? There’s an app for that. Build an unforgettable mobile experience for the people that matter to your business. 

In a world rapidly shifting to mobile apps, your users can tell when something is built correctly. With a number of successful apps launched, our mobile development team knows tricks of the trade to set your app apart. 

A new alternative

Don’t fall behind

Pain-Free Billing



Mobile entrepreneurs are smart and ambitious. Finding affordable mobile software can be daunting - especially when your development options involve hiring an overseas team or building one yourself. Choose a new alternative: Authoritek - a budget-conscious, US-based team that feels like your internal software development division.

Mobile App Specialists that know the market.


20 years ago mobile apps weren’t a thing - now they run our lives! In an ecosystem changing so quickly, it’s easy to fall behind on requirements, trends, and technologies. Our iOS and Android application specialists are in love with the mobile world and constantly stay up to date on mobile trends. Don’t be the company with an outdated app - go with Authoritek.

Sprint by Sprint development with stress-free product management.

Mobile app junkies love our bi-weekly, pay-as-you-go service. We plan out all of your features into consistent two-week blocks of “sprints” and you pay a predictable amount. As your idea grows, we simply tack on another block of work. Our development cost feels very much like a subscription.

The two main keys to a successful mobile app are stunning design and flawless functionality.

Our computer geniuses write your code while our UX/UI designers create pixel-perfect designs to capture your audience. Our app specialists know how to make your app stand out in the app store. Choose a team that will over-deliver, choose Authoritek.

Mobile app development

Want to know more about how we predictably deliver excellence? 

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