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Do you need a proof of concept without all the bells and whistles?

Our roots are in MVP development and we’re more than happy to help you!

MVP Development

MVP Development

A low budget does not need to equate low quality. Our experienced MVP team knows how to make your money go a long way.

Why trust Authoritek?

  • We love the startup ecosystem / We started in a co-working space of entrepreneurs building up awesome products. We’re in love with the process and can empathize with your pain points.

  • Proven Success / We’ve successfully launched a number of prototypes for our clients within their set budget!

Been there, done that. We’ve developed some MVPs ourselves! Go check them out in our portfolio.

The perfect mix

An MVP is supposed to be “minimal” - and when you’re excited about your product, it’s hard to eliminate features. We help you find the core of your product so that we don’t build unnecessary features when your budget is low. Our MVP team has the perfect mix of optimism and realism, and that will make a huge impact on your success.

Always start with a blueprint

A builder wouldn’t build great without a detailed blueprint - so why would you? We dig deep into your business strategy, goals, budget, and software requirements and give you a detailed software plan that you can show to investors and business competitions.

US software team building ready-to-use MVPs

How do we do it?

Budget Based Planning

We take one to two days where we get to know your idea in detail, draw up a software plan and quote to match the max budget that you give us.

Accelerated Prototyping

Prototypes nail down your design and features so that we don’t waste time re-coding later on. These prototypes aren’t fancy, but they’re just enough to communicate without burning through money.

Hands-On Development

Our extremely talented designers and developers get to work and begin building your software. Every time we have workable features, we let you test the software yourself and provide meaningful feedback.

Post Launch Scale

Throughout this process, we learn a lot about your product and business because we want to build a long term relationship. Once you launch and grow your budget, we’ve got a team ready to scale and maintain your product. Don’t waste your time and money building a “software division” - let us do that for you!

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