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The ITEA mobile app was designed for the Illinois Truck Enforcement Association. We worked directly with their team to come up with a clean and intuitive solution for managing the resources that they give to their paid members. We built the app to directly tie into their Non-profit member management system so that all users must have an account. Once signed in, users have access to a vast amount of documents, calculators, and other valuable resources provided by owning an ITEA membership. Along with the Android and iOS mobile app, we also worked on creating a simple website for them and linking that into their WildApricot management system.


To learn more about the Illinois Trucking and Enforcement Association, please visit




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Janitime is a system of applications to help janitors better manage their timesheets and to help janitorial administrators keep their staff accountable. The system is made up of a web application for admin staff, a mobile app for janitorial workers to clock in and out of buildings, and a telephone system to punch in and out of a worksite using a unique code. We worked to add a number of features to their administrative web application including Manager Drive Time calculations, Google Maps integration, billing support, and easy timesheet management. The native iOS and Android mobile applications use GPS to help users clock in and out of their worksites if they are nearby, and other features include auto clock-out based on GPS and multi-site tracking. Janitime is an active and growing platform that you can learn more about here:



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Sidewalk is an interactive platform for local businesses to communicate with one another, share best practices, and discover vendors and other businesses in their community. Any business, large or small, can set up an account in a few clicks to begin discovering what others around them are doing!


Discover tools, vendors, and partnerships among other companies in your area.


Stay up to date on everything business within local and categorized news feeds!


Form one-on-one relationships with other companies and communicate directly.

This was developed as a Minimal Viable Product for Sidewalk, a startup company. We worked on the cloud architecture, UX/UI design, and full production of the mobile application. You can view the app here: sidewalk-for-small-business





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