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Planning with a purpose

Product Blueprint

App Development

Before we start hacking away at your amazing idea, we need to hash out the nitty-gritty details of your software. In our accelerated blueprint phase, you will receive a full project plan that you can present to investors, internal decision-makers, and software development shops.

What is a software blueprint?


Our product blueprint is a low-cost asset providing an immense amount of value. Authoritek software plans include:

  • Documentation of all known software requirements

  • Design wireframes

  • Projected timelines

  • Sprint plans

  • In-depth research for solving your system’s unique technical needs

  • A proposed team of developers to build your product.

  • Estimated Cost so you can make a strategic investment

Software Blueprint Services

Every successful project needs a foolproof plan

The cost of the product blueprint will cover the costs associated with the research and designs and will be partially credited back to your account if you chose to move forward with the development phase.


The accelerated blueprint phase should only take a few days, and in this time we generally request face-to-face meetings (in-person or through Zoom) so that we can more accurately plan your project. If you chose to opt-out of the face-to-face meetings, this process may move slower and could cost you more money down the line.

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