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Build and support your SaaS platform with a strategic team

The key to a successful product launch is a team that intimately understands your needs. All the perks of a personal software division without the HR headache.

SaaS Development

SaaS Development

Your timeline matters

We work closely with you to understand your goals, timeline, and budget...

Building a SaaS platform can be a risk, and we want to mitigate that as best as possible. We do this by effectively hitting timelines, developing your core features, and responsibly managing your budget.

Just like SaaS - our cost is predictable and trustworthy

Sprint by Sprint development with stress-free product management. SaaS entrepreneurs love our bi-weekly, pay-as-you-go service. We plan out all of your features into consistent two-week blocks of “sprints” and you pay a predictable amount. As your idea grows, we simply tack on another block of work. Our development cost feels very much like a subscription.

A New Alternative

SaaS entrepreneurs are smart and ambitious. Finding affordable developers can be daunting - especially when your options involve hiring an overseas team or building one yourself. Choose a new alternative: Authoritek - a budget-conscious, US-based team that feels like your internal software development division. View some of our systems!



We need to know your idea inside and out.

In order to create a robust development plan, we sit down with you and draw out an extensive blueprint. This blueprint will provide documentation of all known software requirements, design wireframes, projected timelines, sprint plans, in-depth research for solving your system’s unique technical needs, and a proposed team of developers to build your product.

Design and Prototyping

Bring your idea to life immediately.

We work hard to help you save on web development services. One way to effectively manage your budget is design-based prototyping. Our talented UX/UI designers create a clickable prototype that looks and feel like your solution so you can make feature changes before we break code. You can use these prototypes as a sales tool while we’re hard at work developing.

Agile Development

A trusted and transparent lifecycle.

Once we have approved your requirements, we start plugging away at building something great. Our agile process keeps you constantly in the loop, allows you to add new features at any time, and consistently delivers at the end of each sprint. Our developers are skilled and our processes are fully transparent. On a bi-weekly basis, our team will review and deliver workable features with you, collect meaningful feedback, and plan out the next iteration of work.

A Long Term Team

Throughout this process, we learn a lot about your product and business, and we want to build a long term relationship. As new features arise, we’re on-call ready to start your next major phase. Once you launch and grow your budget, we’ve got a team excited to scale and maintain your product.

How we build SAAS products

Focus on your Success

Let us maintain your technology while you continue growing your business.

Specialized Team

SaaS app development services are local and focused on you. Specialization of trade is a battle-tested concept - you have unique expertise and so do we. Let us worry about development while you continue to do great things.

Product Manager

Your point of contact at Authoritek is your Experienced Product Manager. We’re here to communicate with you and guide our developers.


No Long Term Contracts

We’re very sure of our team’s abilities in building SaaS prototypes and applications. You pay sprint-by-sprint for workable code and can cancel at any time.

Stop Dreaming

Start Doing!

At a low cost of entry, there’s no more reason for you to keep waiting to develop your incredible idea. Give us a call and let’s get to work. Schedule a Meeting.

Want to know more about how we predictably deliver excellence? 

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