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Technology for your business:
Overwhelmingly Simple.

A full-service, completely managed tech solution for your small business so that you can focus on what you do best.

From one small business owner to another - I hear you.

Running your business is - although rewarding- really hard.

You're trying to get new customers, retain the current ones, and deal with the craziest staffing shortage of our century... and that's not even WHAT your business does!

Even if you're crushing it right now...which I sure hope you can't bank on the fact that the world won't change and your business will need to shift. 

And boy will it.

A couple of years ago, in a matter of days, you probably had to think about some of these things:

Do we sign up for DoorDash?
How do we take online orders?
Hey Siri - what is a QR code?
Should we get an much money???
Why are we using an ancient POS system?
How do we reach out to our customers?
Do I REALLY have to start a TikTok? - oh dear God no.
Is Venmo safe?

PHEW!!! I'm exhausted just by writing those down.

All of these questions probably made you realize that successfully running a business in a mobile-first, internet-obsessed, gold-fish attention span era is a little bit more work than just making "the best cup of coffee" or "being family-friendly"

"Not our business! We're using Square, have a shiny website, and make Instagram posts - we're SET"

Well done! You're ahead of most small businesses already!

BUT... what happens when Instagram isn't 'cool' anymore. Let's BeReal, that's already happening.

Or worse, what happens when Square gets upstaged by a better alternative and goes out of business? Or your website goes down?

Are you in charge of taking care of that? Maybe you've got a techy nephew who might be able to help. 

Either that or you're paying an arm and a leg for a business to do it for you

There are TOO many options, yet no clear answer for how to do it right

You're still reading this right now because in some way shape, or form, you need a break from this. More precisely, you just want to focus on
YOUR BUSINESS and not a million other things you don't care about.

Maybe your business is thriving and all you need is the right tech to take it to the next level. 

Maybe your business is struggling...or worse: irrelevant...and you need to do something now to shake it up

A little-known secret... tech alone isn't going to solve your problem

You can have all of the best tech systems... but unless you have something else, it's all just another piece of overhead that steals all of your time. 

What you need is someone you can
trust to understand your needs, implement the tech, and most importantly manage it all for you.

For no extra cost.

That has a nice ring to it, eh?

 MORE money, security, and time with your family.

Freedom to run your business without it running you

Whatever it is that you're looking for...we're happy to tell you that it's very much within reach

In just a few weeks, you can finally block those spam emails about "building custom software for your small business"

You can leave your Point of Sale support group on Facebook

You can tell the tech guy from church that he doesn't have to keep updating your website for you anymore

And best of all, you can now spend your weekend playing hide-and-seek with your kids instead of training a 17-year-old how to give a 10% discount for a customer's birthday.

You beat the system

Work-life balance?

And when you DO want to check up on your business...or offer a special "holiday discount" to your customers - you just pull up your phone or shoot us a text.

We'll have you dialed in, data flowing, website running, apps downloading, and reports generating.

You'll be fully in control

...and fully confident that your business is ready for whatever the future will require of you.

and it all begins now with a simple text bragging about your business.


The 4 elements of a Small Business App

Every app we build at Authoritek is centered around these core elements to maximize the ROI for your business

Compass Design UVP with text copy.jpg
Fire Icon.png

Easy to Start

Following our ignite process

Easy to Engage

Battle tested tools
Wind Icon.png
Mountain Icon.png

Easy to Use

Grandma certified tested

Easy to Scale

Guided Growth Model
Compass Design UVP circle icons.png

Loyalty & Rewards

Keep your customers coming back with our flexible rewards system


Get your whole staff involved with login accounts and training


Communication tools to keep your business at the top of everyone's mind

Menu & Services

Show the world what you have to offer! Build an online menu or catalog 

Coupons & Promos

Run campaigns, deals, and promotions at your own pace with ease

Fully Branded

Stand out among the competition with your very own mobile app

A Guided Process:
Predictable cost, Predictable success

Let us help make this easy! Our process is specifically designed to guide your business toward success in the mobile space while minimizing all risk, cost, and homework for you!

You are literally one click away from getting your own app

Make it Yours

The “Small Business App” comes fully branded for your business out of the box! Make your small business stand out from the rest!

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