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What are we capable of doing with Wix Velo?

Here's an extensive list of some of the projects we encourage you to offer to your existing Wix customers!

Our rate is $75/hr and we welcome you to white-label at whatever rate your business needs to thrive!

Service Description
Average Cost
User Navigation
Special Events Functions onClick, onHover, onChange
Automated Chat
Mobile Only Features
Waitlist App
Email/Text Automations
Database Migration
Wix MLS or MLS Grid Integration
WixStores Recommended Products
Search Functionality (Filters, Inputs, Database)
Custom Forms
3rd Party API
Dynamic Pages
Connect Databases to Pages
Create Databases

Are you already a Wix Agency?

Learn about how we partner with existing agencies with our white-labeled development so you can continue serving your clients with your incredibly valued talents in web design, SEO, E-commerce, copywriting, and more!

"It's as easy as 1-2-3"

Getting premium Wix Velo support is about as simple as you could possibly hope for!

1. Fill out our 1-minute project questionnaire

2. Receive and accept our price estimate

3. Give us access to the correct Wix site

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