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Wix Web App

& Velo Development

Set your website and agency apart with help from trusted and affordable Wix Velo developers! 


A trusted developer and agency partner


We love Wix! As a Wix Partner, we've been quite involved in the community and love to actively help, serve, and grow alongside those in the "Wix Family." Check out some of the unique ways Authoritek has been a part of Wix and the Wix Community for years!

How To Use Wix Storage API in Velo by Wix | Tutorial

From small site tweaks to ambitious Wix projects, we've got your project covered!

Want to know what we can do? Check out how we've supported members of the Wix Community with Velo!

Wix MLS Integration

We create custom MLS integrations for your real estate website for $60/month! 


Melanated Fabrics

Custom Wix Store, Dynamic Pages

Extending the Wix store options through custom pages and a back-end admin portal

Group 103.png


Custom Elements, Dynamic Pages

RETS MLS Integration, Compare Homes Feature, Customer Repeater and Dynamic pages



WixData, WixUsers & Filtering 

Developed a login portal for voice artist to login and edit their profile. As well as a custom repeater with filtering to display all users 



3rd Party API, Session Data

Using the Google API we created a landing page that reacts to a user based on their location


Go Jane Go

3rd Party API, Local Storage Data

Created a pay wall that disallowed users to display articles unless they're a paid user after two articles

Are you already a Wix Agency?

Learn about how we partner with existing agencies with our white-labeled development so you can continue serving your clients with your incredibly valued talents in web design, SEO, E-commerce, copywriting, and more!

"It's as easy as 1-2-3"

Getting premium Wix Velo support is about as simple as you could possibly hope for!

1. Fill out our 1-minute project questionnaire

2. Receive and accept our price estimate

3. Give us access to your Wix site

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