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Workforce Management and Reporting Software 

Custom fit for your needs


Centralize your workflow with powerful apps  

Managing a business is hard enough. Keeping track of your employee's time, valuable assets, and complex projects is a daunting task without the right solutions. Authoritek knows how hard your team works, and we want to help you maximize your potential with the power of software. Save time, money, and unnecessary effort with a system of features that are handcrafted for your team.

Unlimited Features

Every company is unique, so why would you use software built for someone else? We can help you find exactly what features your team needs to be effective.

Time Tracking

Centralized Files & Communication

Asset Tracking

Automated Reporting

Inventory Management

Many more!


Empower your data

We build systems that let data do the heavy lifting. Software is powerful because it can unify and scale, and that's exactly what we do at Authoritek. Every module of your company's software will share data with the others to make it faster and smarter. Check out our services to see the potential of your future cross-platform solution.

Our Approach

Trusted. Strategic. Collaborative. Agile

This is where we fully capture your project needs, scope, budget and timeline.


Hacking away to deliver polished code that runs securely and smoothly across various platforms


Making your product accessible to people in any way necessary.


Sustaining your product through need-based appointments and consultations.


Creating stunning experiences that fit your brand and make your users happy.

Our Technologies
Get Equipped

Software is an incredibly powerful tool. Let our team of system-thinking developers create a solution for you.