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Authoritek crafts purpose-driven software that enables companies and individuals to reach a higher potential.

Battery Saver App

Our agile software development team skills include: 

  • A Project Manager who keeps development work on track with your vision and timeline

  • A UI/UX Designer who keeps your product looking great and user-friendly

  • A VP Team so your PM and dedicated team get the support they need

  • A QA Team who does manual and automated testing for continuous quality

  • A Dev-Ops Team who manages infrastructure scalability and security

  • Mobile App Developers with a keen awareness of mobile trends

  • Web App Developers to craft intuitive tools for your business

  • Backend Developers to effectively handle your valuable data

  • Google Assistant Developer to extend your system functionality

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

We live in a world that has shifted, for the most part, to mobile phones and tablets. A mobile experience is necessary to satisfy your audience, be it your employees or your customers.


Authoritek creates beautiful apps that follow Android and iOS design and architecture standards.

Web Apps

Web apps are a vital piece of efficient operations for many companies. Our web apps are highly intelligent, data-driven applications built with the same technologies like Facebook and Google.

Secure & Fast

Web Apps on computer

Sprint Loop


We begin developing and writing software in a continuous cycle within a planned amount of work. Each sprint is meant to tackle a specific set of features set forth by your business goals.


With agile software development, it is important to test every sprint at an early stage. We want to test in short sprints throughout the lifecycle of the application to assure your code is working properly. If there are issues, we want to catch them as soon as possible. 

Feedback & Planning

Frequent feedback is critical to developing a product that you will love. At the end of each sprint, we’ll all get together, show off our newly developed software, collect feedback, and plan for the next sprint.


Sprint reports are ideal to keep us on track and make sure we are on the same page. It generates new ideas, modifications, and assurance that we are reaching the right milestones.

Launch and Support

Your system is live and ready to go!

Once we finalize your product, we continue to stand by your side to support your evolving business.

Agile Development with an Authoritek Flavor 

With a clear path to product software and quality assurance, we set priorities for the coming week's work, fine-tuning the original plan and making sure we're making the smartest use of your budget.



A robust development plan laying out your business goals and unique technical needs. This is a low-entry cost and effective way for companies to fully understand the investment they need to make.

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